About - John Fitzgerald

Photography is a tool I use to awaken to the truth in everything. The truth about life, nature, relationships, and why we are here.

Every time I compose an image I am condensing life to a single frame, a single moment, which is a mirror of some part of me and my collective life experiences. This is why a group of photographers all seemingly capturing the same scene ultimately produce different creations.

I have always been a photographer, but it has never been my vocation. My professional work focuses on helping those who struggle with addiction. 

With the advent of digital photography – particularly smart phones – we are uploading billions of images daily for the world to consume. And while technology has greatly enhanced so many aspects of our lives, it also has been a divisive wedge in producing unprecedented social isolation. For me, the best photos reconnect us to our true nature.

Of great concern to me as I reach middle age is the future my son will inhabit. We humans inflict such pain on each other and the natural world. While the individual and collective traumas are overwhelming, hope springs from unusual places. An inspiring example of this comes from the work of famed Brazilian photographer Sabastiao Selgado, depicted in the documentary The Salt of the Earth. If you have not seen this film I urge you to do so. It will move you to tears, and awaken the photographer in you.

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